Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Datahoot and what we do?
Datahoot is engaged in the lead generation through mining of trade data and company intelligence. We create for you a new way of acquiring B2B customers. On how it works, please Watch Online Video.
1. Find out who are buying the products from your competitors in our "Trade Data" page;
2. Check and analyze what they buy the products for in their industries by investigation of importer's company background;
3. Prospect thousands of similar buyers and contact their decision makers in our "Company Data" page and "Find People" page.

Where are the data from?
1. The "trade data", which contain importing / exporting information, are from the Bill of Lading for shipments, reported by importers / exporters to the different governmental agencies, including the United States, India, Argentina, Mexico, etc.
Please note that we can not collect all the shipment records of all the global trade as only 29 countries' governmental agencies in the world commercialize their international shipment records and make the data publicly available.
For example, for the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security provides raw data directly, which consists of all available information on the bill of lading for each shipment entering a U.S. port and are considered as public records.
While for countries like Germany or China, it is illegal to buy and sell B/L details from Customs shipping records. So we do not provide any data on China's exporting or importing records in our database.
2. The "contact data" of the target companies come from many sources, including over 800 private data APIs from our partners and public media. Our robots collect data only in legal ways.

What's the difference between the 3 payment plans?
1. The "Starter" plan is a kind of D-I-Y usage by subscribers. The members are entitled for unlimited searches and views of trade data, collect and download of unlimited contacts for maximum 12000 companies for one year.
2. The "DataPro" plan is a customized service. In addition to all the benefits of "Starter" plan, DataPro member can request for customized reports for their target functions or industries (as shown below sample picture)
3. For "LeadsPro" member, we guarantee 50 leads (defined as "Request For Quotes"), which are generated from at least 5000 target customer's contacts. For details of LeadsPro services, please contact us to request 1:1 demo.

What is the right way for searching the trade data?
You can search the trade data by product name, or by importer name
1. When searching by product, try to use different words of the similar meaning. For example, steel pipe can be reported as steel tube or steel tubing, and apparel sometimes was described as garments when importer reported the shipment to the customs agencies.
Searching by product is actually searching the "Goods Description" in the Bill of Lading records in our database. So use as many as synonyms, this helps prospect all relevant results.
2. When searching by importer name, avoid using abbreviation. Sometimes, companies may import product under their brother company's name, or group company's name. For example, the well known "Crate & Barrel" always import under the company name of "EUROMARKET DESIGNS INC". So try different names of the same group company, if you know.

How to upgrade on
The upgrade is online and automatic after payment. Just click the "Pay Now" button under the proper plan you select.
The payment is conducted through the world's largest and the safest online payment organization - Paypal. Datahoot neither know nor collect your payment information. When you have finished payment on paypal, please click the button of "Return to Datahoot". This will lead you back to our website and automatically finish the upgrading in our website.
If you don't have Paypal account, you can pay by credit card. Paypal accepts any major credit card such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
For detailed operations on payment, please Watch Online Video.

What is the customer support after payment?
Our customer service team are ready to help you solve any problem on using datahoot.
We provide online support by Tawk instant communication (at the bottom right on each page), Offline 1:1 communication by Email and NetMeeting through UberConference call.