Acquire B2B Customers Through Mining of Shipment Data

Datahoot is engaged in the B2B Outbound Leads Generation through mining of importing and exporting shipment data. Find out here who are buying your products and view their key contacts, emails, address, telephone number, scale and many more..

6 Steps To Gain Leads

Step1. Search Trade Data

Search and view importing and exporting shipment records.

Whether you are searching for a buyer by product key words or company name, we make it easy. Our system collect, streamline and analyze hundreds millions of international trade data and turn them into B2B sales leads.

Find out here who are buying your products or buying from your competitors, and analyze their purchase pattern and sort by time, purchase scale or relevancy.

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Step2. View Buyer's Contacts

After you have found out here who should buy your products (i.e. your target customers), now access the emails or phone numbers of their key decision makers, and investigate the background information on your target customers. You don't have to go to google to conduct time-consuming data collections by manual. You get all information you need on

Just by one click of "Prospection", our machine software will do it for you online and in real time.

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Step3. Prospect Key Persons

We believe that valid sales leads must be enriched with solid background investigations. To be able to contact the right persons at the right time, you need to prospect your target customer's organizational structure and understand decision maker's backgrounds. make it easy and possible for you. Just input a company name or a domain, our CI robot will automatically start a comprehensive data mining and in 2 seconds, you will be presented with their key persons' name, title, plus Facebook or LinkedIn ID links.

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Step4. Analyze Supply Chain

It is surprising that 50% of the sales don't know what their customers buy their products for. E.g. companies buying industrial robots may use them in automobile production or in sheet metal machining. Our technology gives you immediate insight into the applications of your products in your downstreams.

Our machine's real-time analysis tells the upstream and downstream relationships of your industry supply chains. Now you can use these data to expand your customer base by 100 times.

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Step5. Expand Your Customer Base

Once you have known your products applications in your customers' industries, now please surf our "Company Data" page to run out list of potential industry buyers.

You may browse the hot companies in hot industries step-by-step, or you can search by industry key words. If your products are applied in sheet metal machining, then search out all players in that industry. They are all your potential buyers.

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Step6. Use Datahoot's "DataPro"

Tired of searching by yourself or don't know where to start? Just tell

Under our "DataPro" program, we provide you customized and ready-to-use shortlist and contact reports under your given request.

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